Norwich based illustrator, massive love for science, dogs and sci-fi.    Available for commission. © CHARLI VINCE 2014
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  • Almost finished a lapwing scientific study for Ben Garrod as ‘payment’ for the amazing brown bear humerus he sent me for my degree show. He’s been such a legend… 

    As part of monthly Profile Picture Day, here’s my tribute to the best time of the year ever. Ever October/November I sort of get blind sighted by how AWESOME AUTUMN IS. The colours, the cool bugs that come out, the chilly weather, boots and jumpers, IT’S SO GOOD.

    Barkbox on Facebook posted a photo of a little fella who looks just like a real life version of my Good Omens Dog!

    The original source of the photo is here.

    Finished painting the Chinese straight sword I’m going to be using for the next belt at Kung-Fu.

    +10 to badass. 

    Whuh oh.

    With my hard drive now partitioned thanks to a friend of mine, and PC games being back in my life, I predict productivity levels to somewhat… change. 

    Here’s a graph.

    King Mandrill in the works at the moment as part of the development for Lavish.

    I really enjoyed drawing this fella’s hair/fur/whatever mandrills have… 


    Say AHHH!

    Photo and caption by Luan Lam

    This beast was way too close for comfort. Had I not been so engrossed in trying to capture his power in the photo, the sane me would have been much farther away. I estimate he missed the front of my lens by a mere few inches.

    Location: Tempisque River, Costa Rica

    totally worth it


    (via towritelesbiansonherarms)

    Levelled up at Kung-Fu today! Got my purple black stripe with distinction, and didn’t drop my nun-chucks during the weapons drill ONCE. So damn chuffed. Only two belts away from black now.. 

    Inktober instalment number two! 

    A magical purple sparrow who can see into other dimensions. Not… not quite sure why.

    Found this cute little guy this morning. Popped him straight into the new wildlife corner I built at the back of the garden so he didn’t get stepped on.

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