22, NUA Illustration Under Graduate, aspiring freelance illustrator, crazy dog lady, huge thing for spaceships and crocodiles. Updates for all things illustration... and sometimes spaceships. © CHARLI VINCE 2012 - 2014
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  • Just finished this badboy mural at AgeUK Suffolk, Chilton, in two days. Oh yissssss… *fistpump*

    Experimenting with type on a mock-up page spread for my Mountain Chicken/Giant Ditch Frog. Kinda feeling number two the best…

    New blog post!

    Exploring some more ideas surrounding what will go into the Bestiary and what will be the cover for it. Also looking into a bit of type towards the end. :)

    Paid a visit to the Norwich Castle Museum for the first time in aaaages. Missed all this dead guys. *fist bumps a kakapo*

    Back in the gaaaame..

    I’ve been face painting at the first ever Norwich Gaming Festival (co-organised by my crazy professional and well organised housemate) for the last week and a bit so I’ve not had to the time to do any drawing at all. I’ve been going a little bit crazy. But the festival finished on the 16th and I’ve got a couple of days off work coming up so I can finally draw again!

    Here’s the start of a snub nosed monkey skeletal study as part of the Bestiary. Going to be paying a long overdue visit to the Norwich Castle Museum for some serious fauna studies so there should be lots of updates tomorrow.


    Traditional portrait of the wonderful badass that is Lagertha.

    If you don’t already watch Vikings, get on it…


    These three pieces are part of an on going project focused around the funding given to different species of animal in correlation to their appearance and popularity.  They where created by Norwich University of the Arts student Charli Vince, whose work you can see more of here  or follow on Tumblr here

    Also, if your a fan of fantastic creative student work, buy Issue 1 of our magazine. Only £3.90, and pretty amazing.

    ^ Huhray! That’s me! Thanks thisandthatcollective :)

    This stuff looks amazing! How did you learn to draw skeletons and body structures like the rat and condor? Was it from constant practice or studies of anatomy? OwO

    I’ve only just recently started to play around with this skeleton stuff, but everything I’ve done up til now has just been good ol’ fashioned practice. Lots of reference picture hoarding, sketching and learning about how the skeleton works as well as what it looks like helps you to know what you’re drawing. :)

    Just finished an A3 Condor study. Damn, A3 seems so much bigger when you have to draw this much stuff…

    I’ll upload a full version when I get access to the A3 scanner again.

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