22, Norwich based illustrator, massive love for science, dogs and sci-fi.    Available for commission. © CHARLI VINCE 2014
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  • Finished my bookmark designs for a new healthy living campaign from CSV!

    Finally getting round to creating some work for my 1k Likes Facebook giveaway that I promised ages ago…

    Who likes African wild dogs?

    Excuse the terrible photo, I’m just super excited to FINALLY HAVE MY DESK BACK.

    Since the big move just over a week ago, I’ve had no desk and no study. I’ve been going a bit crazy, but now it’s back so I can draw properly!

    Working on some thumbnails for a CSV UK project, this one is going to be fun…

    Hey Charli, I'm tall and have problems with sleeves sometimes and I'm quite slim so I am unable to work out which size to get in the CharliVince Blood Beater Sweatshirt. I'm not crazy about a tight fit so it's cool if it fits a little loose. could you help?

    Hi there. I think this is a question better directed at the DBH support rather than myself, you can get hold of them here. But if it’s any help, I have the long arms issue too, I just get a big one, maybe an M or L. Bigger jumpers are comfier anyway…

    Hope this helps! And thanks for checking out my store :)



    I wanted to do something special for my 100th follower milestone (i’m way too happy about this). However; I have no idea what to do. I was thinking about some small scientific illustrations (like the size of the mushroom-drawing) for every follower who reblogs/fave this post (and if there are more people (not-followers) who reblog this, maybe I’ll make something for them too).

    what to do?

    1. reblog this post and give a suggestion OR fave this post (without a suggestion; I wil draw a random invertebrate)
    2. I will post the illustrations here, including your (blog) name!

    This is the best I can do, I really hope you all like it!

    Congratulations! I absolutely love your blog, and would be so excited if you were to draw a Peacock Mantis Shrimp, my absolute favourite invertebrate. :)

    (via cyan-biologist)



    For those who don’t know, as well as my illustrative funtimes, I also work at the Dinosaur Park in Norfolk and during the summer I’m a face painter there. Mornings are sometimes quite quiet so I have a few minutes to cover myself in dinosaurs! Here’s a few from this summer so far…

    (Sabre tooth tiger, Velociraptor/Archeopteryx/Diplocaulus, Dromaeosaurus skeleton, Velociraptor, Stegasaurus)

    I want my face painted by you. (That’s not weird, right?)

    Nahh totally not weird. Just rock up to the Dinosaur Park during the summer and I can transform you into some prehistoric goodness!

    I recently had the privilege of illustrating the poster for an awesome new play a friend of mine has written. To quote the Facebook page, it

    "…explores the people behind the icons of history: Elizabeth of York, Mary I and Elizabeth I"

    Definitely go give some page some love if it seems like something you’d be interested in. I know I am, it’s what made this commission so damn fun to do!



    so i got interviewed by joshua smith the other day who is publishing a white paper for startups and entrepreneurs called ‘how the shape human behaviour’.

    check it out here!

    I cannot get enough of this blog. Anybody after any sci-fi, science, dystopian or general eerie inspiration definitely give her a follow. The blog is just beautiful.

    (Source: neuromaencer, via neuromaencer)

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