22, Norwich based illustrator, massive love for science, dogs and sci-fi.    Available for commission. © CHARLI VINCE 2014
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  • I think this fancy fella will be the first beast to be featured in Lavish! 

    I also finished the write up explaining what exactly Lavish is, so if you’re a tad confused go have a look, it should explain all. 

    Here we go! The first draft for the cover of Lavish! I’m so excited already… 

    Blog post soon to fill you guys in on what exactly Lavish is and why I’m doing it. 

    Exciting stuff happening!

    Just finished the line art for my new personal project. I’ll make a blog post with all the details about it soon, but so far I’ll tell you; It’s called Lavish, it’s going to include loads of adorably weird beasties and it’s going to be awesome…

    Lovely blog! You style and art are really great! :)

    Asked by zoologicalpt

    Hi! Thank you very much :) Loving your blog as well, bravo.

    Could you talk about what you use for digital painting (program, brushes, techniques, etc) and would you be willing to do one of those videos of you painting? I'm trying to get better at digital painting but I want to see what process others use so I can start figuring out what works for me. Still love all your stuff :)

    Asked by ktsaurusr3x

    Hi there :)

    I use Photoshop (CS5) for my work software wise then a Wacom Intuos 4 in terms of hardware. Technique changes literally all the damn time depending on what I’m painting, but I nearly always start off with the more rough, messy mess done in just a basic round brush in these dark green colour that I’ve been using for layout sketches since forever. 

    (my swatches are so damn precious to me oh my god)

    Then from that green sketch I’ll lower it’s opacity to around 20% and start to refine the line over the drop, or begin adding colour in blocks, depending on what style the drawing is going to be in.

    I have considered doing one of the videos, I just can never seem to find decent enough screen capture software. Also I don’t do digital stuff nearly as much as I used to. But I’ll definitely look into it more before doing my next digital thing, I reckon it would be quite fun watching yourself draw!

    Hope that helps somewhat. I am by no means a pro at digital painting, if you wanted to see some pros check out the guys who run the Level Up Facebook page. They are amazing and often post videos/livestreams of their work :)

    I saw a photo of a snake being adorable and then this drawing happened. 

    I’m not sure why, but I love him/her.

    Oh yiss… muddaflippin’ free shippin’.

    Worldwide free shipping through until Sunday in my print store! Plus, to add to the goodness, three new prints were added today :D

    Finished this handsome fella, a Golden Pheasant, this morning. He’s going to form part of a poster for the lovely Golden Triangle Girls WI group here in Norwich!

    Linework for an illustration which is going to make up part of a wonderfully girly poster for a local WI group. The Golden Triangle Girls!

    Geddit… because…. because it’s a Golden Pheasant


    Starting the series of greetings cards for the new Ohh Deer competition :)

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